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Fire Damage - Is It Covered Under Your Homeowner’s Policy? | Fort Myers

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    • Fire Damage – Is It Covered Under Your Homeowner’s Policy?
Dec, 10
Fire insurance fort myers

We often purchase insurance and then, even though we pay the monthly premium, pretty much forget about it. That is until something unexpected happens.

Recently in the news, the fires in California have highlighted the need to make sure your home is covered in the event of a fire.

Here in Florida, we are nowhere near such a dry fire prone climate, there is still danger during the dry season and of course many other causes of house fires beside the spread of raging forest fires.

Most policies have a fire inclusion which can help to replace or repair your home and the contents if destroyed by fire. The National Fire Protection Association reports that last year alone 358,500 residential fires were reported. It is important to know what your policy covers and make sure your home and assets are protected.

Your homeowner’s policy typically covers the dwelling including the garage. Coverage for living expenses, while repairs or rebuilds are done, is also generally included. Sheds, fences, and garages may also be covered. As far as personal belongings go they may also be covered in the event of a fire at cost of replacement.

A little-known fact is that you may also claim landscape damage. If valuable trees or shrubs were burnt, you can submit a claim for those as well.

As for how much insurance you need, we highly recommend sitting down and having a conversation with a Centennial Insurance Services Agent right here in Fort Myers, Florida. They can best advise you on levels of coverage that will protect you yet not break the bank on a monthly basis.

Making sure your home is fully equipt with smoke detectors and fire extinguishers can help protect the home you love and minimize damage.

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