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Single Millennials Need Life Insurance Too | Centennial Insurance Services

Dec, 01
millennials life insurance fort myers

If you are young, carefree, and single, you may think to yourself “Why would I need life insurance”?


Traditionally it has been thought of as something old people buy to protect their wife or husband in the event of their death as well as to help support any children.

The truth is that everyone can benefit from having a life insurance policy, even single millennial and generation Y aged young adults.

When you are issued a life insurance policy there is a physical that goes with it. When you are young the chances of you scoring in the top percentage of the nation is high. The healthier you are, the lower your cost will be and your age plays into that as well. The nice thing is, many policies lock you in at that rate for life so even if you develop health issues later in life you still have the best rate available.

Whole Life and Term Life Policies offer built-in savings. This means that the policies accumulate a cash value over time. You can even borrow against them in emergencies at very low-interest rates. When started young, these can develop into very nice nest eggs by the time you retire.

If you have kids or are married life insurance needs to be in place just in case a worst case scenario happens. You don’t want to leave your spouse or your kids to fend for themselves if something were to happen to you. The majority of young couples just starting out truly need both incomes to survive in our economy, removing one could be devastating and make an already hard time of grief, nearly impossible.

While many employers do offer life insurance as a benefit it is important to really look at the policies offered and still shop around. The professional insurance agents at Centennial Insurance Services right here in Fort Myers, Florida can help you get the best coverage at the most affordable rates so never just sign on to the first policy offered. Make your money work for you.

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