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Employers! Provide Health Insurance for Your Employees | Naples Insurance Agency | Fort Myers Insurance Agency

Aug, 29
health insurance

health insuranceBusiness owners know the value of a dedicated group of employees. It starts at the time of recruitment. Showing your value as a company and making the company appealing to new hires is of utmost importance. Here is what offering health insurance will do:

  • Providing benefits will entice quality employees to apply for positions at your company. Offering health insurance and vacation days will put you above your competitors in attracting quality employees. It is a way of showing that you value your employees and appreciate them enough to offer benefits.


  • Healthier, happier employees have health insurance. They are able to attend well-visits with their family doctor to stay in good health. Those who do not have insurance tend to visit the doctor only when they are sick. This translates to more employees being ill since importance is not put on preventative medicines such as flu vaccinations. This, in turn, is shown in sick days for the company.


  • Companies who do not provide health benefits tend to have higher turnover rates. Employees might find a similar job at a competing business that offers health insurance. Do not lose good employees by not offering benefits.


  • The mood around the office will be a lot better if benefits are offered. By feeling appreciated, your employees will have a better outlook and attitude towards their job. This will keep morale up, which makes everyone happier at work.


Centennial Insurance Services in Fort Myers, FL has over 15 yrs. of experience in health insurance for businesses. During our consultation, we will ask what you are looking for in a plan, then we will do all of the paperwork work for you. Our service makes obtaining group health insurance an easy task. Call us for an appointment today at 239-247-5125 or submit a form online for a FREE quote at cisinsfl.com.