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How to Keep Your Kids Safe This Halloween | Naples Insurance Agency | Fort Myers Insurance Agency

Oct, 26

safeThe fun of Halloween is right around the corner. Very soon, kids of all ages will be traipsing up and down neighborhood streets dressed in their favorite costume, knocking on doors and asking for candy. This tradition called Beggar’s Night is conducted every year at the end of October. Keeping your children safe while out and about in the dark is essential. Here are some tips from us:

  • Kids that are under the age of 12 years old should go trick-or-treating with an adult. For those who are older than this, they should only go down roads that they are familiar with and stay with their friends.


  • Teach your children to look both ways before crossing the road and to only cross at street corners. If there are traffic signals in the area, teach them how to use those as well.


  • Teach your child that if there isn’t a sidewalk to walk facing traffic. So, on the left side of the street.


  • If they are carrying a cell phone, make sure they pay attention to their surroundings such as cars and other people around them, not their phone.


  • When you buy or make your child’s costume, try to use face paint instead of masks. Masks can be cumbersome, uncomfortable, and can pose a hazard when trying to see their surroundings. They can easily trip, not see a car, not notice someone near them, etc.


  • Buy your child glow sticks or flashlights to wear or hold. This will help drivers see them and also for them to see once the sun goes down.


  • As a driver, drive slower in neighborhoods and keep on alert for kids.


  • Expect children to be running around and excited! It is a night of fun and children will have one thing on their mind….CANDY!


Have a fun and safe Halloween night! From you friends here at Centennial Insurance Services. Call us today at 239-247-5125 or fill out a free quote form online if you are looking for car insurance, homeowner’s insurance, flood insurance and more.

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