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Making the Most of Your Insurance Claim Check | Naples Insurance Agency | Fort Myers Insurance Agency

Nov, 06

insurance checkWhile the most prevalent option during an insurance claim is to have the insurer pay the body shop directly, you also have the option of receiving a paper check in the mail. By receiving a depositable check made out in your name it gives you a wider range of options.

When the insurance inspector comes out to look at your vehicle (or you take the vehicle in, depending on your carrier) they will assess and assign values to each part and piece needed for repair. This is then added up to give the final total value of the claim. These numbers are based on insurance standards and are to be accepted by the body shop of choice.

Ways to Save

  1. Shop around. You don’t have to accept the first estimate you are offered. If you find a better deal, once the check has cleared you are free to pay in cash, for which sometimes discounts are offered.
  2. Use a points or cash back credit card for the payment. Then, of course, pay off the credit card with the money intended from the claim.
  3. Rental insurance – If you carry rental insurance make sure to let your insurance company know that your car will be in the shop and to go ahead and schedule you for a fully covered rental car for the time period you will be waiting on the repair.

We know that having an accident is at the very least inconvenient and can be traumatic and take time for physical injuries to heal. Here at Centennial Insurance services we stand behind you with the best possible coverage so that you do have options should an accident occur. Give us a call today to review your current policies and get the peace of mind you deserve with great coverage.

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