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Top 4 Insurance Mistakes that Can Cost You Big Time | Naples Insurance Agency | Fort Myers Insurance Agency

Nov, 08

Insurance mistakesWhen it comes to monthly bills the bottom line is what most of us look at. The problem is that skimping on insurance, especially in certain areas, may save you money in the short term but you could pay dearly should an incident occur and a claim needs to be filed.

Let us try and save you some hassle

Here are the top 4 insurance mistakes many policyholders make when it comes to insurance.

#1 Not having insurance at all. We know it sounds crazy, but there are many people who are well meaning and intend to file for a policy, don’t get around to it in time or accidentally let their policies lapse due to nonpayment issues. Having no insurance at the time of an accident or incident leaves you open to paying for your own damage and open to lawsuit.

#2 Not carrying flood insurance. Flood water damage is not covered by standard homeowners or renters insurance policies. 25% of all flood losses occur in low-risk flood zone areas.

#3 Squeaking by with the bare minimum on auto insurance coverage – as mandated by law in every state there are minimum insurance requirements in order for a driver to be legal. Many people, looking for the most budget-friendly option will go with just the bare minimum. It may save you money monthly, but if you are ever in an accident a lawsuit could devastate you financially.

#4 Not Buying Renters Insurance – Just because you aren’t a homeowner doesn’t mean your possessions are not valuable. It may seem like you don’t own that much until you add it all up or try and replace everything. Suddenly, that number likely seems bigger than you thought. Renters insurance policies cover not only possessions but also lodging should something happen to your rental property.

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