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Can You Have Too Much Insurance? | Naples Insurance Agency | Fort Myers Insurance Agency

Feb, 05

Car insurance fort myersWhile being overprotected may seem like a silly issue to question, what it comes down to is the real question. Are you paying for more insurance coverage than you really need?

Only your insurance agent can go over your current policies and compare it to your life situation and help you to make that judgment call. Here are a few things that come into play in the factorization.

Car Insurance Factors to consider

-Make sure that you are covered for at least the equal amount of your car’s total blue book value. You want to be able to replace it should the worst happen.

-Remember that when claims against your policy, for yourself or for another injured or damaged party, exceed your policy limits the cost falls to you out of pocket and if you cannot come up with it, a suit may be filed and a judgement found against you damaging your credit for a minimum of 7 years. Make sure that you are covered for a dollar amount equalling your assets (your house, your car, savings, investments, any property you may own so that leans are not placed against your property).

-When it comes to PIP (personal injury protection) insurance while it is important to be able to pay for doctor visits should you have an accident, paying extra for extra coverage if you already hold a health insurance policy may not be necessary?

-There are, unfortunately, here in Florida, a lot of uninsured drivers. Florida is a very transient state. If you are hit by someone with no insurance it is worth it to have coverage for uninsured motorist.

-Check your deductible. While carrying a $0 deductible is lovely and at the time of an accident, very convenient, but over the years how much extra have you paid in? Ask your agent to play with the numbers and see what a higher deductible could save you monthly and yearly. Let them help you determine if it is worth the savings in your case.

If you are in the Fort Myers | SW Florida area and looking for the best rates for insurance, auto, home or business, we would love the opportunity to work with you and get a quote customized to fit your life and needs.

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