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Ways to Save Money on Auto Insurance | Naples Insurance Agency | Fort Myers Insurance Agency

Feb, 01

insuranceEveryone looks at their budgets hoping to find places to make cuts and save a few bucks here and there. One place that many are unlikely to look is their car insurance premium.

While you may not be able to lower your rent, mortgage, or student loan payment taking a look at and talking with your auto insurance agent could be the key to reducing the monthly expenditure.

Things to Keep In Mind When Talking with Your Insurance Agent


  • Look at how much insurance you really need. Consider the value of your car, your total assets, how much you could need paid to medical bills if you were injured in a crash, the ability to help someone else if you did indeed cause a crash and injure others, and the ability to cover damages done by an at-fault accident.


  • Do you already have a roadside assistance policy with someone like AAA or with your automaker – if you do, there is no need to double the coverage and pay twice.


  • Consider adding multiple policies with the same carrier (home, auto, renters ins.) because most companies give a multi-policy discount.


  • Ask if additional discounts are available.


  • Choose a higher deductible. Raising the deductible will drop your premium significantly. Just make sure you choose a rate that is still low enough, should you have an incident that you will be able to come up with that amount without straining your budget or causing yourself even more problems at an already stressful time.


  • Pay the premium in one lump yearly sum or six-month sum. Sometimes discounts are offered for this as well as for signing up for autopay.
  • Make sure you pay your bills on time. This goes not just for auto insurance, but for everything. These days credit is considered. The better your score? The lower your premium.


  • If you haven’t bought your car yet, take a look at what the insurance rate would be on it for you. Insurance rates vary greatly from vehicle to vehicle and from person to person depending on driving record, age, and location. You may decide that the car you are looking at may or may not be the best choice.


  • Understand collision and comprehensive coverages – if you have a much older low blue book value car it may not be worth it to purchase these coverages. The maximum payout under either policy is limited by the value of the car. If the car’s value is low enough that you could pay for it again in cash easily, it may not make sense to spend towards it month after month but put that money away in a savings account towards your next vehicle.


For more valuable money-saving insurance ideas talk with the professionals at Centennial Insurance Services of Fort Myers, Florida. Just call 239-247-5125 or visit www.cisinsfl.com.

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