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Is Your Business Prepared For A Natural Disaster? | Centennial Insurance

Apr, 05

natural disasterIts something we don’t like to think about but with what happened right here in SW Fl with hurricane Irma it’s more important than ever to think ahead and have a game plan in place should the worst happen.

The time to consider worst-case scenarios is now, not when the news and the weather channel start inducing widespread panic.

Develop a written plan in advance and go over it with your team at work. Make sure that everyone knows their role. Document clear evacuation routes and escape procedures as well as a call or text tree to alert everyone in the company of happenings, closings, and ongoings. Make sure everyone has each other’s contact emails and phone numbers. Establish whether or not employees are able to work from home if need be and have access to the main system.

Review your insurance coverage! This is the #1 way to be prepared. Make sure property itself is covered business loss coverage, loss of use, as well as extended coverage also can help protect you against interruption of business use. Flood insurance is another important inclusion many miss. Watching the Weather channel is nerve-wracking to say the very least. Watching that cone of uncertainty come directly at your place of residence or business and have Jim Cantore state in no uncertain terms “This is what Hell is going to look like” will make you feel like the world just fell out from under you. Knowing for a fact that you have an iron-clad policy in place protecting your home and your business no matter what happens is your saving grace not only for your financial future but for your sanity.

Saving your data – Somethings just can’t be replaced. Be it sentimental or record keeping. Every person and every business these days rely on databases and backups. In a natural disaster that can be wiped clean in a matter of minutes. Storing your backup in an off location site is important. Be it a cloud server or another location, just make sure you back up your files regularly.

Keep your network tight – People work with people. Form relationships in business as you would in friendships. After a natural disaster, it can be difficult to get supplies and deliveries. Make sure you have the phone numbers and addresses and emails of your vendors who are important to you. If you have a good working relationship, try and get their home numbers as well. Only to be used for an emergency of course. You just never know who may need help or be able to help.

Natural disasters are a time more than ever to stick together. Be prepared. Plan ahead.

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