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Are You Hurricane Ready South West Florida? | Centennial Ins. Services

Sep, 05
hurricane insurance

Many of you are experiencing the same thing I am today. You have logged into your social media and the memories from last year are featured. Many of which had to do with the onslaught of Hurricane Irma, which you know cause millions of dollars of damage that is still being cleaned up a year later.

While we currently are remaining lucky here in Southwest Florida and Hurricane Gordon, though it brought some rain, missed Florida altogether and made landfall in Mobile, Alabama it won’t be the only hurricane of the season and the time to prepare yourself is now.

Being prepared means not only food, supplies, possibly a generator, and making sure your vehicles are gassed up, but protecting your property (home and or business) in the event that the worst does happen and we get high winds, flood conditions, or even a direct hit.

We have no control over mother nature. We do, however, have control over our financial protection from her potential wrath. If you are in the Southwest Florida area you are very likely in a flood zone and that leaves you open to the possibility of flooding. Water damage isn’t reparable simply by drying. It can leave you with destroyed walls, homes, cars, black mold infestation which can force you from your home because it is toxic and can make you ill.

Having a good solid policy in place can not only allow you to rebuild, rebuy, and replace but also afford you emergency housing paid for by the policy in the interim until everything is fixed again.

We want to talk with you before a hurricane hits again so we can make sure you understand your options and get you the very best coverage available at a great price. Give Centennial Insurance Services a call today at (239) 247-5125 or visit the links above online on our newly updated website www.cisinsfl.com.

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