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I Live in Florida, Do I Need Fire Insurance? | Centennial Insurance

Mar, 08
house fire fire insurance florida

Fire insurance policies are often known as “Dwelling Fire Insurance”. This type of policy provides coverage specifically for certain listed hazards. Even if you have a homeowners policy it can be beneficial to have an add on separate fire policy which is substantially lower in cost.

While the standard home insurance policy provides overall coverage to help protect against an array of hazards. Dwelling fire insurance offers coverage specifically for specified hazards. At Centennial Insurance Services, we will help you to determine if this form of insurance is the right solution for you. If so we can then help you select a policy that saves you money while also filling that need.

The policy is more all-encompassing than the name

Despite the title of dwelling fire insurance, it covers more than just fire and smoke damage. Depending on your specific policy you may even be able to claim coverage for damages such as vandalism, wind damage, and even explosions. Unlike standard homeowners insurance, dwelling fire insurance only covers the hazards specifically listed in your policy.

Many can benefit from this form of insurance. We recommend acquiring a dwelling fire insurance policy if you:

    1. You are a landlord who needs to ensure the structure of your building, but not renter possessions 

    2. Have a property that is under construction or renovation

    3. Own a non-occupied home or property

    4. Are the owner a home that is not associated with a high market value. This can include mobile homes, manufactured homes, and older homes.

At Centennial Insurance Services, we look forward to helping you protect your property against hazards and introducing you to the benefits associated with acquiring a dwelling fire insurance policy. To find out more about this form of insurance and if it is the right choice for you and your property, contact us today. 239-247-5125 or visit www.cisinsfl.com.