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Do You Have A Home Inventory List? | Centennial Insurance Fort Myers

Apr, 02
whole home inventory list insurance

Material possessions and assets can be easily lost in the blink of an eye. Florida is world famous for our hurricane season. With that comes the risk of high winds and storm surge. We also have a number of fires nearly every year that burn hundreds of acres during the dry season, some due to natural ignition causes, others due to negligence. The cause doesn’t really matter when you are faced with losing what you have worked so hard for.

What does matter is that it is protected, safe, and insured. Peace of mind is a valuable asset as well. Though you may look around and think “I really don’t have THAT much stuff…” The truth is that our possessions add up pretty quickly. One purchase at a time we gather.

In order for your items to be covered during an insurance claim, it is incredibly helpful to have a whole home inventory. Having an inventory pre-made and stored safely is the best preventative step to protecting your valuables.

If an occurrence such as a hurricane, tornado, fire, or theft should take place, the last thing that you want to be worried about it is your insurance claim. You could very well still be recovering from an injury or a loved one may need your full attention. That is where your focus needs to be.

Inventory Directions

1. Go around your home and take note of everything you own of value that could be lost in a worst case scenario. Please include a description of the item, brand, approximate cost, serial numbers, and any descriptive detail that helps to identify the piece.

2. Using your phone or iPad, record a walk-through tour of your home. Go from room to room and describe audibly what each one contains.

3. Take still pictures of belongings. It is helpful to take pictures of any and all receipts as well.

4. Save a copy of all electronic files on a thumb drive. Please that drive and place in a fireproof box. You may also want to give a copy to a friend or relative.

This is a home project that needs to be on your to-do list. Additionally, take the time to review your homeowner’s insurance policy in order to make sure it includes personal property coverage and replacement cost. Should you have items of high individual value such as jewelry, collectibles, art, or firearms, there are additional options that you can add to your policy to cover them in the event of damage or theft.

If you have any questions about personal property coverage or want to receive a customized homeowner’s insurance quote, call us at Centennial Insurance Services 239-247-5125. www.cisinsfl.com.