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Apr, 24
uninsured motorist florida

It may seem like the easy out to just go ahead and drive uninsured, after all, what are the chances you will have an accident just say driving from home to work or home to the store? It’s only a few miles, right?

Making the choice to get in your car and drive uninsured it can cause an entire snowball effect that can change your life for the worse and be very expensive to try and dig your way out of.

Driving uninsured can hamper your current and future ability to drive legally as well as being potentially disastrous to your financial future.

According to Florida law, it is required if you own a vehicle to carry the state-mandated minimum amounts of property damage and personal injury protection of $10,000 each. Active coverage has to be effective currently in order to go to get plates and tags from the DMV. If you drop insurance you must turn in your plates before the insurance expiration date.

If you are caught driving and cited for failure to prove you have insurance, your license can be suspended for up to three years or until you provide proof that you were insured at the time of the accident or ticket.  As if that wasn’t enough, the fine in order to reinstate your license ranges from $150 up to $500.

And worse yet – Should you be involved in an accident and found at fault, if you are not insured your license is suspended until as such time you are able to e pay the entire cost of the injured party’s bills including vehicle damage and any medical costs. You may also be sued for pain and suffering as well as work loss which can mount up quickly if someone is badly injured.

No matter your insurance status: If you are involved in an accident

You still need to call the police and file a written report. No report ends up with a dangerous he said she said situation and you are taking your chances on what a judge may believe.  If the accident was not your fault, and the other person was insured, then their policy will be responsible for your damages.

Even in a worst case scenario where you are completely at fault due to negligence, it is still important to have a written statement. It is always possible that the other driver may sue for damages. If that happens you will need proof of what transpired.

A good faith payment schedule may possibly be negotiated with the other driver’s insurance company. As the uninsured driver, you may be only required to pay the deductible if the other driver’s policy had an uninsured motorist rider.

Knowing your options is important. Consulting an attorney or insurance specialist in order to understand the process further will be essential to settling the issue.

Russian Roulette is a dangerous game to play with your insurance. You might be just fine for a month, a year, heck even years, but make no mistake – you are gambling.  If an accident takes place, it could wipe you out financially and physically, costing you far more than an insurance policy ever would have.

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