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2019 Highway Statistics for Florida. How Safe Are You Really? | CIS

May, 29
florida highway statistics

Being as it is our job to keep you safe and secure financially through the implementation of insurance coverage we also make it our business to know what is going on out on the Florida roadways and report it back to you, our customers, to keep you as alert and on top of things as possible.

So far this year from January to the beginning of May in Florida alone there have been 132,174 crashes. (4,451 in Lee County and 1,891 in Collier County) 55,427 were crashes that involved injuries. 15,178 were commercial vehicles that were involved. Of that 1,048 were fatalities. That does not include bicycle crashes coming in at 2,229 with 52 fatalities, and 3,290 pedestrian crashes of which 243 were fatal.

This is according to Florida’s Integrated Exchange System. https://firesportal.com/Pages/Public/QuickStats.aspx

According to the most recent Datta available through the Insurance Research Council, Florida has the highest uninsured motorist rate estimated at an alarming 26.7%. That is more than a quarter of the drivers in Florida barreling down highways potentially causing accidents and problems for you.

It is vital for everyone to be insured and because so many in Florida do not comply, it puts the rest of us at risk. We must be proactive and take action to protect ourselves. If you are hit by a driver with no insurance your car still needs to be repaired or replaced, and you may very well have medical bills that add up quickly. By adding uninsured driver coverage your own policy will step in where theirs should have to keep you financially protected.

Chances are that if the other driver did not have insurance, they also likely have no assets worth the time and trouble of going after legally in court. You may get a judgment, but if they have no way to pay the obligation, don’t hold your breath waiting on payments.

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