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Should I Keep an Auto Diary? - Service Logs How and Why | Centennial

Jul, 10
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The answer is a resounding YES. While not everyone does it, experiences savvy car and truck owners do keep a service log. Having these records readily available when it comes time to sell your vehicle can add a good amount of value to your sale price.

A service log is written tangible proof that the car was taken care of and validates that it is worth the asking price and far less likely to break down than a car of an owner who gave it questionable care and maintenance.

To keep a good service log do the following:

1. Don’t just toss receipts in the glove box with the thought of “Oh, I will file that later” (chances are, you won’t).

2. Get an expanding file folder. This works far better than just a notebook. Having pockets to tuck receipts in works better than sliding papers between pages and hoping they don’t fall out.

3. Get a small flat notebook to write down the dates of oil changes, services, tire rotations, repairs, and even washes. Additionally, if any accidents occur keep the papers related to the repairs done as well.

4. Begin with the basics. On the inside cover or first page notate:

Your insurance information

The make and model of your car

Your vehicle identification number (VIN)

Your license plate number

5. Make a note every time you do maintenance and/or keep the receipt. File in order in a pocket of the folder.

When it comes a time where you choose to sell, potential buyers have more faith in those sellers who have logs such as this. It shows care, organization, and dedication to keeping the vehicle in good shape. They are just more likely to buy.

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