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Friday Florida Flood Facts! | Naples Insurance Agency | Fort Myers Insurance Agency

Aug, 16
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We live in a tropical paradise. Beaches, blue skies, sunshine – all abundant. The only downside is that we do have to grin and bear it every hurricane season. We never know what kind of year we may have – totally clear or natural disaster.

Florida in many residential areas is only 10 to 15 feet above sea level. With heavy rain and a strong potential for storm surge, there is a high risk of flooding. Because of this Florida has set mandates that certain zones require homeowners to carry a flood insurance policy. Other areas have strong recommendations to do so even if it is not mandated by law.

A standard homeowner’s insurance does not encompass flood coverage and will not pay out if flood damage occurs. Keep in mind that once you sign up for flood insurance, it does not go into effect for thirty days. Waiting till hurricane season isn’t a good idea.

Florida Flood Facts:

  1. A 2,000 square foot home with 12” of flooding can cost over $50,000 in damages! New land development, which is common in Southwest Florida, can disturb natural runoff. This can cause flooding in areas that normally wouldn’t flood.
  2. A Flash flood normally will bring waves anywhere from 10 – 15 feet high.
  3. Floods are the most common natural disaster, second only to fire. Floods account for more than 90% of natural disasters as declared by the President of the United States.
  4. A Flash flood is common in Southwest Florida due to the heavy and sustained downpours that occur in the spring and summertime.
  5. El Nino occurrences correlate directly to a higher chance of flooding.
  6. Southwest Florida can experience Coastal flooding, which is when strong winds push the Gulf water up onto the land. Tropical storms and hurricanes are normally the cause of coastal flooding, but a very strong storm could be the culprit.

Peace of mind and protection of assets Don’t be one of the unfortunate people who wait until a storm hits and are at risk for a flood. Get advice from our experienced insurance agents. Call Centennial Insurance Services at 239-247-5125 or visit us online at www.cisinsfl.com for a quote or to schedule an appointment.