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The Snowball Effect - Driving Without Car Insurance | Centennial Ins.

Aug, 05
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If you are low on funds it may seem tempting to try and eliminate bills in any way possible. Car insurance should never be one of them. While it could save you a bit on the monthly out flow of cash, should an accident occur it would set into motion, The Snowball Effect.

What is the Snowball Effect?

This is a little known term that refers to the initiation of an issue that rather than resolve easily, keeps picking up momentum and adding more and more problems to it, only to become a giant “snowball” which takes out everything in its path.

What do we mean?

Say you get in an accident. The police are called to the scene and you are asked to produce your proof of insurance. You can be fined from $150 to $500 for driving without insurance. Additionally, if you are driving without insurance and caught they will have their driver’s license, registration, and license plate suspended.

Florida is a “no-fault” insurance state. Vehicle owners are required to carry the minimum amounts of $10,000 for property damage liability and $10,000 for personal injury protection. There has to be coverage before you get your registration and tags. If you do not have insurance you must surrender your license plate.

Hence the snowball – now you have a damaged car, damaged another person’s vehicle, are possibly injured, or hurt the other driver and or passengers. You have been written a ticket for driving with no insurance, your license and ability to drive is now gone, and you must surrender your license plate. There is no way around the fact that this is now one giant hassle to unknot and an expensive one at that.

When you do not have coverage and you are in a damage and or injury sustaining accident you are not only left to pay for repairs and bills on your end, you are legally responsible if at fault in the accident, for the other parties medical bills, repair bills, and potentially more in pain and suffering.

If taken to court judgment may be issued against you which is enforceable by law and may include wage garnishment.

Simply stated: Car insurance is not the place to skimp and save money. At Centennial Insurance Services we can help you get the most for your money at the best price. Call us today for a free no-obligation quote – it can save you time, money, and a whole world of hassle.