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Keeping Your Home Safe while Vacationing | Naples Insurance Agency | Fort Myers Insurance Agency

Sep, 03
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Let’s face it. It is downright hot here in Southwest Florida. If you are one of the lucky ones who is destined for a cooler vacation spot or have a summer home up north or abroad you get a break from the relentless heat.

That does, however, leave your home unattended. According to the FBI’s 2018 report, there were just over 8 million property-related crimes in the USA. This statistic includes thefts, stolen vehicles, and burglaries. The total bill dropped on property owners and victims of home burglary come in at a whopping $14 billion dollars.

Don’t become a statistic. Here are some helpful tips for staying safe and secure while you are away.

#1 Use Timed Lighting: Old schools of thought said to simply leave lights on while away. But those casing a home will notice that they are on all hours of the day and that is a dead giveaway.

Setting different lights on timers throughout the home gives the impression that someone is actually there flipping the switch

#2  Have someone keep an eye on your home. Having a friend you trust or even a home watch service check on your house daily. It will make all the difference in peace of mind when leaving town. If it is a friend and they live close, ask if they would mind parking their car in your driveway a few times a week. This can offer the impression to thieves that someone is home.

#3 Stop your mail or have someone collect it. Put in a request at your local post office to hold your mail until after you return. You can do it in person or via online request forms. A stack of mail is a clear sign to criminals that a home is empty. Plus, your mailman won’t get frustrated with an overflowing mailbox. Or if someone is able, have them collect your mail for you and you can get all of it upon your return.

#4 Don’t post your upcoming vacation on social media. This is vital. It’s an open invitation for thieves. “Can’t wait to go to Costa Rica in two weeks!” tells them that you will be out of the country and when you will be gone. Also, posting vacation photos online while you are away displaying to everyone that you are not home. Don’t think that it is only friends, or friends of friends, who can view these posts. Criminals have their way of gaining access to accounts. Everything posted online is potentially viewable to anyone.

#5. Let the Police Department know you will be out of town. If you tell the police department that you will be out of town, they may be able to make extra passes on your street. Having increased police presence in the area may deter thieves and will keep your home safe.

#6 Lock Doors and Windows – secure your home. This can easily be overlooked. Many thieves will test a door handle and, if it is locked, will move on to the next house. Secure all windows and sliding glass doors too.

By taking these simple steps, you have the relaxing vacation you deserve. Make sure that your home and belongings are properly insured before you leave for that much-needed vacation! Contact us here at Centennial Insurance Services for a quick quote. Protecting your home should be high on your list of priorities.

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