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Does Your Company Have Adequate Transportation Insurance?

Nov, 26
Transportation insurance centennial insurance services

Do you own or run a business that requires employee travel? Whether your staff drives their own vehicles for company business or you have a fleet of cars and trucks it is necessary for your financial protection to have them covered under a commercial transportation insurance policy.

Even if it’s just one single work vehicle, you still need coverage. Failing to obtain coverage can leave your company and potentially you personally at risk if one of your employees has an accident while on the clock, fault regardless.

Commercial vehicles travel thousands of miles per year. Tractor-trailers, cabs, limos, delivery services, and many more businesses. That is a lot of time spent during the year at risk on highways and streets.

Commercial transportation insurance covers liability and collision the same way as most auto insurance policies. The difference is that they can be written to help financially safeguard your company against theft. This becomes very important for companies hauling cargo. If you haul cargo this is a must when it comes to selecting inclusions. Thinking ahead can help ensure that criminal activity won’t end up hurting your profits or overhead in the event that there is an incident.

Centennial Insurance Services of Florida offers policies for delivery trucks, trucks that haul gravel, sand, gasoline, hazmat, moving trucks, courier and delivery services, as well as auto dealerships, auto repair facilities, valet services, courtesy vans, and even towing service vehicles.

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