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Homeowners and Renter’s Insurance are Very Important During The Holidays

Dec, 19

Homeowners and Renter’s Insurance are Very Important During The Holidays

While insurance on your home and your personal assets is important of course year round, at Christmas time it becomes even more important as the majority of Americans do celebrate Christmas and that comes with putting up a live tree and a multitude of holiday lights which can put a strain on your home’s electrical capacity.

Live trees need to be adequately watered and should be taken down when the needles begin to dry out or they become a fire hazard waiting to happen. Adding sugar to the water at the base of the tree will help it stay fresh longer, but even with a fresh tree, a hazard exists. You are mixing dry branches (firewood) with electricity (a possible ignition switch).

We would hate to see your presents go up in smoke or worse yet your home and belongings or god forbid, see someone injured.

Making sure you have adequate coverage for loss in place before the holiday season is a great idea and a wonderful present to your family and yourself. Peace of mind is priceless.

Centennial Insurance Services has been serving Florida for over 20 years and we truly care about our clients. We are here for you throughout the entire process from set up to re-evalutations and adjustments according to life circumstance and even when you need to file a claim.

We pride ourselves on personalized service. Give yourself the gift of solidity this holiday season knowing no matter what happens your family is covered and you will never be left at a loss.

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