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Life Insurance Protects the Living | Centennial Insurance Services

Feb, 03
Life insurance centennial Insurance services Fort Myers

Most people will do just about anything to avoid the topic of death, especially the possibility of their own. No one likes to think about the passing of themselves or of someone they love and care about. The problem becomes that in avoiding the issues it won’t make them go away. It is something that we all have to consider and face eventually.

Taking the time to consider your own passing and the massive impact it will have on others around you who love you could very well be the most generous act of love that you could give.

When someone dies and paperwork including the will and last requests are unknown, left up in the air, and family is having to search to see if you even have them it makes a hard time just that much worse.

Taking care of advanced directives for health care, wills, funeral plans, and life insurance in place beforehand is a crucial act of kindness. Life insurance can help to cover expenses when your income is no longer available, which means your family will not be left in a lurch.

When you die, all of your debt isn’t automatically wiped clean and it will often fall on a spouse or family member. Medical bills not covered by health insurance, estate administration fees, cremation or funeral costs, and other obligations can be taken care of by simply thinking and planning ahead.

We can get you on the right track to peace of mind for all for less than you might think.

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