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Being a Careless Driver Can Cost You | Centennial Insurance Services

Jun, 29
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Good drivers are made, not born. It takes time to hone and fine tune your driving skills. The fact is that on average over the last decade 112,000 people are issued speeding tickets on a daily basis according to statisticbrain.com.

The median cost for a speeding ticket across the USA comes out to $152.00. Annually that brings in over 6 million dollars in revenue, all out of drivers’ pockets.

Speeding Tickets are Only One Way Bad Driving Can Cost you

While driving just 5mph over the speed limit may seem like no big deal, the problem is that 5 becomes 10 and leads to 15 and… you get the picture. You drive fast and begin to believe that you are infallible. That belief can lead to a lead foot. Speeding does not just cause tickets; it causes and contributes to accidents.


Sure, you have coverage. But what is your deductible set at? $250, $500, $1000? You have to pay the deductible before the coverage kicks in.

Rear end collisions, running red lights, dinging a car in a parking lot, speeding, and god forbid a major crash with damage or worse injury or loss of life. You better believe that other part is going to look at you as a way to pay for issues caused and if it exceeds your coverage, they will go after you personally in a suit and if you aren’t well insured it can financially ruin you. You may also have your rates jump no matter if it was an at fault accident or not.

Worse yet. Having to live with someone’s needless death on your conscience isn’t something you want for the rest of your life.

Parking Violations and Other Random Tickets

Did you know that you run the risk of being ticketed and fined for not signaling, illegal passing, having a light out, making an illegal u-turn, running a stop sign, texting/talking while driving, and parking where you aren’t supposed to park? These seemingly silly violations cost drivers a pretty penny yearly. Play it safe and follow the rules to keep your money where it belongs – in the bank.

Being a Bad Driver Isn’t Worth It

As tempting as it is to pass slow drivers in non-passing areas, tail gate out of frustration, not bother to use turn signals when it seems like no one is watching, and ignore speed limits set on roads, the fact is all it takes is one incident and it can change your life for the worse – physically, financially, and even emotionally.

Our best advice after dealing with thousands of accident victims over the years is to be well insured and obey the traffic laws. They are there not just to protect others but to protect you as well.

We would love to give you a comprehensive insurance quote and see if we can save you money while keeping your policy levels intact or possibly even get you better coverage than you have now for the same cost or even lower.

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