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Why Life Insurance Polices are Needed | Centennial Insurance Services

Jun, 15
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No one ever expects to get sick or worse yet, to die. But every single day 150,000 or more die here just in the USA alone.

Death is a part of life and it needs to be planned for just like any other event. If you have loved ones that depend on you or even friends or family who will suffer and grieve when you are gone it is a wonderful thing to be able to be there to support them financially in their time of need.

Life insurance also helps tie up your loose ends – like funeral expenses and debts owed.

From Covid-19 to cancer, heart disease, even car accidents, death is a part of life. The Center for Disease Control reported that in 2019, the top causes of the 2,813,503 deaths in the United States were:

  1. Heart disease: 614,348
  2. Cancer: 591,699
  3. Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 147,101
  4. Accidents (unintentional injuries): 136,053
  5. Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 133,103
  6. Alzheimer’s disease: 93,541
  7. Diabetes: 76,488
  8. Influenza and Pneumonia: 55,227

Covid-19 deaths have not been tabulated yet and hopefully will not affect numbers after 2020. It does go to show though, that literally anything can come out of nowhere and it is best to be prepared.

Some of these diseases may be hereditary, some can be due to lifestyle choices such as drinking and smoking. Some can be linked to both genetics and lifestyle. No matter the cause of death these people aren’t just numbers.  They leave people behind who mourned for them. It is always difficult to lose a loved one, especially unexpectedly.

We are talking about death today because it shows how important it is to have a solid life insurance policy in place. Seeking out the best policy for you and your family long before an illness or tragedy occurs is key. If you take care of your family while you are alive, you can also take care of them after your death. By having a life insurance policy in place, you help to pay the mortgage, pay bills, fund your kids’ college bill, your funeral expenses, and anything else that your family would look to you for support while alive.

We know, it is very difficult to consider our own death, but it will happen at some point. Call us here at Centennial Insurance Services 239-247-5125 and we can put together the best life insurance policy for you and your family.

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