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Do You Have What You Need in Your Car or Truck for an Emergency?

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    • Do You Have What You Need in Your Car or Truck for an Emergency?
Jul, 14
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Many of us spend hours a day in our vehicles traveling to and from work, to school, running errands and going out just having fun. Keeping your cars maintenance schedule on track is vital to making sure you are safe on the roads. No matter how diligent you are its always a good idea to keep an emergency kit on hand because you just never know what could happen.

Keeping an emergency kit in your trunk can save you in a time of crisis. We have complied a list of items you may want to consider adding to your bag.

  • Phone Charger: While almost everyone carries their cell phone many of us run out the door some days without the charger. Having a spare can make your day and even potentially save you if you get stranded on an out of the way road.
  • Put AAA or Your Roadside Assistance Number into the phone contact list.
  • Carry a Flashlight: A flashlight with good batteries is essential for a night time breakdown.
  • First-aid Kit: Things to include in your first-aid kit include antiseptic, different sizes of Band-Aids, bandages, scissors, tape, pain relievers, and anything else that you and your passengers might need.
  • Reflective warning triangle signs: having three of these all spaced at 50 feet to warn other vehicles is imperative to avoiding an accident. Flares can be purchased as well.
  • Fire Extinguisher: since your vehicle contains gasoline, it can become flammable upon an impact or for other reasons. A class B or C fire extinguisher are recommended. “B” class is for combustibles; “C” class is for electrical fires.
  • Jumper Cables: we’ve all been guilty of leaving our headlights on overnight and draining our car battery. Don’t be stranded if this happens by having a set of jumper cables ready to use. Only use them in the correct manner according to manufacturer’s instructions to avoid harm.
  • Tire foam sealant, compressed air tire inflator, spare tire, tire jack:  you rely on the four tires that carry your vehicle to perform their duty, but sometimes, they get a flat. Having the appropriate tools to fix the flat or change the tire are an essential for every car.
  • If you have a pet – pet food and a water bowl and possibly an extra leash.

In addition to the above, you can add whatever makes sense for your personal situation: snacks like granola bars or beef jerky (something that lasts in cold and heat over time), water, gloves, blankets, rain coat packets, change of clothing, and tool kits.

Just like you take these precautions to ensure your safety, you need to also have the proper automobile insurance protection. We can help you here at Centennial Insurance Services. Call us today at 239-247-5125 or fill out a free quote form online. We look forward to hearing from you!