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Hurricane Coverage for Home & Auto – How Well Covered Are You? | CIS

Aug, 10
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Whether you are a property owner or a renter in Florida you know hurricane season can make you uneasy. You turn on the news and see the weatherman hyping up the cone of uncertainty and the spaghetti models which help to predict which way the storms will go and what path they will take. The thing is that these tropical storms are never predictable. If you are in Florida at all – from the panhandle to the keys, you, your home, your belongings, and your vehicles could potentially be at risk. And if Jim Cantore is dispatched to your neck of the woods, look out.

Preparation is key

Not only should you fill your gas tank, stock up on food (especially non-perishables), get lots of bottled water, fill your tubs and sinks, top off your coolers with ice, and remove all potential projectiles from your yard, it’s a great idea to go into your filing cabinet or digital folder and check out your homeowner’s, renter’s, auto, and boat insurance policies.

The words you are looking for are flooding, water damage, wind, and hurricane inclusions.

Make sure it’s in there! You may be surprised at how many people, especially those who create their own policies online, overlook or check no on hurricane insurance. It may save you a few dollars over the course of a year, but should a storm of massive proportions take place, those few dollars turn into a world of regret.

Each company’s policies read differently so don’t just skim. Make sure you read what value your property is covered for, what your deductible is, any exclusions, and any other included details.

At Centennial Insurance Services of Fort Myers and Southwest Florida we are very protective of our friends, neighbors, and fellow Floridians. We would love the opportunity to look over your current policy – limits, inclusions, deductibles, and so on. In doing so we will also try to find you the best policy for the price range you would be comfortable in.

If that happens to be your current policy? Great. No harm no foul. But if we can do better for you on your home, renters, or auto coverage to keep you safe and protected during storms and all year long we will offer that option to you as well.

Give the office of Centennial Insurance Services a call today at 239-247-5215 and let’s make sure you are covered before the next storm hits. www.cisinsfl.com.