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Hurricanes: The Importance of Getting Flood Insurance | CIS Fort Myers

Nov, 12
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In the last two years, Florida has seen Mother Nature’s wrath. Hurricane Irma did a number on Southwest Florida in 2017, and just last month, Hurricane Michael nearly wiped out Florida’s panhandle. Florida is no stranger to hurricanes, which is why many people know they need homeowner’s insurance and flood insurance to protect them in case the worst happens from a storm.

However, flooding from hurricanes is, almost always, excluded from homeowners and renter’s insurance. If you live in Florida, especially a common evacuation zone or near the coast/water, it’s a good idea to get flood insurance in addition to your home insurance. If your home is flooded by a hurricane and you do not have flood insurance, those damages likely cannot be claimed. When it comes to hurricanes, home insurance usually covers wind damage, water damage (burst pipe but not flooding), sewer backup (sometimes), and relocation fees.

If your home is hit or wrecked by a hurricane, you may need to file a claim under both your home and flood insurance.

We may be the end of hurricane season in Florida, but it’s still a good time to get flood insurance. Maybe you didn’t have flood insurance and Hurricane Michael made you realize that you should consider a flood insurance policy. Better to act now. Many insurance policies will not kick in fast enough (typically, it is a 30-day waiting period before your flood policy goes into effect) or will not let you purchase a policy last minute before a hurricane arrives.

Be proactive and purchase flood insurance. In a 1,000 ft. structure, even with a minor flood of only one-inch of water inside of your home or business can easily cost you up to $10,000 according to The National Flood Insurance Program’s statistics. You don’t want to end up thousands of dollars in debt.

The season may be coming to an end, but we want to get you ready and prepared before the next hurricane season begins. Give Centennial Insurance Services a call today at (239) 247-5125 or click our flood insurance page to learn more. Let’s get you covered and keep your home safe!

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