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Jul, 29
business insurance centennial insurance services fort myers florida

There are many new pop up insurance companies online these days. When searching for auto, home, life, or business insurance it can be confusing to know what companies are reliable and which ones may be fly by night.

Here at Centennial Insurance Services of Fort Myers, Florida we have been in business getting the best rates on the most comprehensive policies for our clients for decades with great results and well protected clients.

Business insurance is one of our specialties. No two businesses are alike and therefore no two business insurance policies should be either. We work with you – talk to you, and find out what the ins and outs are of your company before putting together a quote for you to look over.

No one ever wants to have to make a claim against their insurance but there are times, events, and circumstances that are just simply not in our control. That is where insurance comes in. No matter what occurs you can rest easy knowing your assets are protected and can be replaced or rebuilt should the worst happen.

You work hard. You have taken the time to build your business. It isn’t easy. We have done the very same thing with Centennial. Building a client base, establishing your name, daily operations, staffing, it’s a lot to deal with. Accidents and losses can be a major set back or even cause a business to fail if the right coverage isn’t in place.


Let the experts at Centennial Insurance Services review your current policy. If we are able to offer you a better deal we will and if you already have the best policy in place we will let you know that as well. A second opinion never is a bad idea.


Visit us online at www.cisisnfl.com to learn more and give us a call at 239-247-5125 to go over your business insurance needs